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The law firm of CDR Inc. was founded by Me Christian Dubé-Rousseau to advance the practice of law and to provide superior and customized legal services the businesses and individuals of the Montreal area. The firm's members are straight shooters, to the point, and are committed to the effectiveness of their performance and the success of their clients. Always monitoring the latest trends, the firm gains in efficiency through the use new techniques and technologies, which enable it to remain at the forefront of the practice of law.

Located in the heart of Montreal's engine of innovation, CDR JURIS offers tailored solutions by first understanding the client's needs and then applying the appropriate solution, avoiding unnecessary tasks and procedures. The services offered by our team are the ones that the client actually needs.

We at CDR JURIS understand the importance of cultivating a network of contacts and professionals to complement our work and offer our clients a myriad of services and opportunities. CDR JURIS is the reference source for your business!

 Me Dubé-Rousseau
After having practiced in diverse work environments, whether in private practice, in a government agency, or as in-house counsel, our team members have walked their eclectic paths to carry forward a dynamic and enterprising law firm.
Our vision is to instill a wave of modernity to the practice of law. We have great respect for the institutions but we believe that the challenges of access to justice faced by individuals and small businesses require novel solutions in the delivery of legal services, in order to level the playing field with the deep-pocketed corporations and their armies of lawyers.
We have successfully pleaded cases before all instances of Quebec courts as well as arbitration. We do settle the majority of our files amicably and out of court, always to the client's satisfaction.

Member of the Quebec Bar since 2009 and of New York State since 2013, Me Christian Dubé-Rousseau started his career at the Quebec Justice Ministry where he worked principally in the regulatory field. Subsequently, he joined a boutique lawfirm in downtown Montreal where he practiced civil and commercial litigation.

Me Dubé-Rousseau has an international profile, having earned a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) at the University of Laval, a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in common law at the University of Montreal, and having completed a study program in international and EU law at the University of Paris René-Descartes.

Me Dubé-Rousseau currently practices primarily as representative of SMEs, counselling them on all aspects of their business, whether for drafting contracts or resolving disputes. Always in pursuit of new skills and abilities, Me Dubé-Rousseau completed a Master in Business Addministration (MBA) from the John Molson business school of the University of Concordia.

Direct line: (514) 451-0060

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Services Offered

Civil and Commercial Litigation

By litigation we mean any form of dispute existing between two or more people or entities.

Business Law

We are there for all your legal questions regarding your business. Whether it is relationships with...

Contracts and Transactions

We can help you in the negotiation and drafting of contracts for all your business needs.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency

If you are a company or an individual in business and you are considering having recourse...


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